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  Uk Horse Racing Systems 


Take advantage of our winner finding horse racing systems. Easy to use uk horse racing systems for the flat and jumps. Race forecasting systems for horse racing in the uk. Learn how to pick winners and make money from betting on the horses using our unique betting systems.


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If you take your racing seriously and want to improve your chances of winning, then our simple to operate uk horse racing systems come with easy to follow instructions, full guide and free race examples.




Wizard Race Bets Private CFR race bets for Saturday. cost only £4.50.


Quickpro Jumps Download race cards from the web using our excel copy and paste spreadsheet tools for all jumps horse racing in the uk.


Excelquickpro software Designed for punters who prefer Excel spreadsheets as there working platform. Provides data evaluation for races of 7 runners to 16 runners. Eliminate 50% of runners in races. Eliminate horse going up in class, Horses out of form, works at all race distances.  

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Picks the live contenders in a race.



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 Low cost subscription based service available.