Classformracing - Excel Dutching System

Excel Dutching Betting System

Discover the possibilities of the excel dutching spreadsheet system now.
It is both functional to the user and can be used quickly.
Created for punters who prefer Excel as there working platform.

Dutching involves backing multiple runners to return a profit.
The Excel dutching system spreadsheet offers a number of possibilities to the user
if you want to dutch and generate a profit.
A simple to operate dutching selection formula for Flat and Jump racing – even beginners can understand.

Screen shot of excel dutching system
Screen shot of Dutching

Excel Dutching System

Take advantage of the inbuilt Excel Dutching System spreadsheet formula - gain that winning edge now.

The example below shows a race with a race stake of £5 covering 4 horses providing a profit of £8.47
Small stakes can be placed on Betfair below the £2 minimum, you don't have to use large stakes, we show you how.

Excel example of dutching system

System Requirements: Microsoft Office

Download the EXCEL DUTCHING SYSTEM Now! only £10.50