" UK Horse Racing Software - The Pro System"


Purchase our most popular uk horse racing software we have, the professionals choice in racing software.

The ultimate uk flat horse racing software system for picking winners on the flat.  


The flat Pro system horse racing software includes special features of visual graph chart showing ability + pro system rating.

Race analysis software, forecasting and race prediction software to beat the bookie.

A simple and easy to use pro horse racing system for your pc. 


If you are looking for that extra edge and want to win regularly, then this uk horse racing software is for you.

Quickly narrow down a field to just a few live contenders and pinpoint the winners.

Back horses with confidence. All you need to do is enter certain variables into the software system and voila!


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Pro System Theory

To find the class horses in a race and compare each horses strengths in numerical terms. Class is shown as Ability and the pro system measures the merits of one against the other. Become a smart professional punter and sort out the WOOD FROM THE TREES purchase the pro system software now.


Very few horseplayers pay attention to Ability as a winner finding asset, we have identified certain traits or variables that provide a better relationship between Ability and Performance. These variables are both functional to the user and can be used quickly.





         The pro system works in Handicap and Non-Handicap races.

         It is extremely simple to use.

         Required variables easily obtained from racing post or internet. 




There are no long list,s or form study, no updates, and no repeat fees, it lasts forever.

A simple to operate uk Flat horse racing system even beginners can understand, comes with easy to follow instructions, full guide and race examples. All manual data is entered by user, it is not automated.


Make your racing pay! bet like a professional, Improve your chances of winning! Gain the extra edge!


Purchase for a one off payment of 20 no repeat fees or weekly updates required.



Flat Pro System 20

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