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Horse Racing Betting Software



Uk horse racing betting software plus free horse racing systems. Online horse racing software tools include flat pro system, Excel QuickPro sytem, handicap software and All weather polytrack laying software.


Online betting tools for Horse racing in the uk. Computer horse racing software for logical race outcome solutions, race analysis and forecasting software tools. Unique information and online downloads for horse racing in the uk. The professionals choice in horse racing software for Flat or Jumps.


Horse racing software



Take advantage of our winner finding horse racing software and tools. Forecasting betting systems with information and tips on how to make your racing pay and work. Computer horse racing forecasting systems and race prediction software tools to beat the bookie.





·         Our horse racing software works in Handicap and Non-Handicap races.

·         It is extremely simple to use.

·         Required variables easily obtained from 



If you are looking for that extra edge and win regularly, then our uk horse racing software is for you.

There are no long lists or form study, no updates, and no repeat fees, it lasts forever.

Quickly narrow down a field to just a few “live contenders” and pinpoint the winners.


Simple to operate uk computer horse racing software – even beginners can understand, comes with easy to follow instructions, full guide and race examples.


Make your racing pay! Improve your chances of winning! Gain the extra edge!


EXCEL - HORSEFINDER For punters who prefer EXCEL as there platform. Easily download external race cards from the web. The Excel Horsefinder formula will automatically pick the race winner and second rated for you.


EXCEL QUICKPRO SYSTEM For punters who prefer EXCEL as there platform, easily download external race cards from the web. The Excel QuickPro system will pick the most likely winner with special features of ranking + Pro fig rating.


TODAYS BETS Join our best bets service. Receive todays bets!-available daily. For £6.50 you cannot find a better deal!-active and instant access. Todays bets horse racing information to make your racing pay! Subscribe Now!


FREE HORSE RACING BETTING SYSTEMS Purchase any one of our race forecasting betting systems listed for £42 or more using “PayPal” and you get 1 FREE.



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