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Excel Quickpro (Flat) - Gain That Winning Edge


Designed for punters who prefer Excel spreadsheets as there working platform. Download horseracing cards from the web. Copy & paste a race from racecards on the web.

Provides data evaluation for races of 7 runners to 16 runners. Eliminate 50% of runners in races. Eliminate horse going up in class, Horses out of form, works at all race distances.


       Quick and Easy - Evaluate a race in 3 Minutes

The excel quickpro Flat horse racing tool is an available Flat race selection system, works in either Non Hcp & Hcp races. Comes with a built in ready reckoner which picks the live contenders and probable race winner. Simply open a spreadsheet relative to the number of runners in a race and use as instructed.


System requirements: Microsoft office 2010,2013 or 2016 Windows Vista, Windows7, Windows8, Windows10




To achieve the very best results, the user is adviced to use the following type of races Class3, Class2, Class1 and Grp races 1,2,3. Top 2 rated have a 50% win strike rate - Top 3 rated have a 65% win strike rate. Each quickpro spreadsheet includes a visual chart.


Purchase the Quickpro flat spreadsheet for a one off payment of 35


Excel QuickPro Flat

The choice of selection of the excel quickpro Flat horse racing tool is based on the combination of our own built in formula, CFR ratings and betting forecast compilers.

Discover the possibilities of the Quickpro horse racing system now. It is both functional to the user and can be used quickly.


Quickly narrow down a field to just a few live contenders and pinpoint the winners.

Race Selection Choice: Highest CFR end column - combined with the following

M/R green tick - DM green tick - High Pink Rank - High Green CFR Figure + P column factor





Phoenix Of Spain Won 14/1 Generated by Excel Quickpro Racing tool


All you need to do is copy & paste a race from the web racecards into the Quickpro spreadsheet, follow some simple steps, and it will then indicate and pick the most likely race winner!  It takes no more than 3 minutes to copy and paste and get the chart result. We will show you how. The only manual data required is to enter each horses betting odds.


A simple to operate excel horse racing selection system for flat horse racing in the Uk even beginners can understand, comes with easy to follow instructions, full guide and race examples.


Purchase Quickpro Flat ( 7 to 16 runners ) for 35 

               The excel Quickpro system works in N.H. Handicap and Non-Handicap races.

                                                 It is extremely simple to use.


                    System requirements:Microsoft office 2010,2013,2016
                    Windows Vista, Windows7, Windows8, Windows10


                                 Picks the probable live contenders in a race


A usefull horse racing tool for serious punters and investors.

Payment can be made by credit or debit card through Paypal. No VAT charge.

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