" Classform Calculas"

Unique Winner Finding Tool

Do you want to know which horse is best on class? or form?

If you do, and you take your racing seriously then you require our exclusive classform Calculas horse racing system.


This flat horse racing system will Make your racing pay! Improve your chances of winning! And  provide a class figure profile on each runner entered in a race.


A unique flat horse racing system, with built in ready reckoner, for narrowing down the class horse and probable winner in the race.  



Horse Racing System

An essential and affordable piece of kit for the flat racing punter.


5 minutes to analyse a race , no long lists or form study, no updates, and no repeat fees, it lasts forever. This horse racing software quickly narrows down a field to just a few “live contenders”. We will show you how to use this excellent winner finding tool to pinpoint winners.

Buy our simple to operate flat horse racing system now.Comes with easy to follow instructions, full guide and race examples.




 The cost ?

The Classform Calculas horse racing system can be purchased for a one off payment of £15 with no repeat fees or weekly updates required.                                


Win and beat the bookie.    



You can buy our flat horse racing system as a download using Paypal.

Downloads can be made by credit or debit card through Paypal.  


>>> £15 Flat Calculas horse racing system

               horse racing software,system                                  


Download purchases can be made by credit or debit card through Paypal.


1.      Simply click the purchase box option you require.

2.      Make your Paypal payment – and get ready to beat the bookie.


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