"Affiliate Program"


If you have a sports betting or horse racing website then joining our affiliate program can generate you revenue.

Our program pays 25% ( $12) on the sale of our horse racing software at our site through credit card purchase.


It is free to join and is managed by so you can be assured of reliable and honest tracking.


Simply send visitors through the link below


All you need to do is change “Nickname” with your own chosen clickbank nickname.

This is known at clickbank as your personal “Nickname”.

It makes the code above unique to you.


By putting the above code at your site. will track the visitors that pass through the code above. You are then paid for any resulting sales of our horse racing software on our site. For each sale made $12 is paid to you.



How to get your nickname and activate your code


All you need to do to activate your code is to click

Join My Affiliate Program   This will take you to the sign up form so that clickbank know where to send your money, your name and address etc.


In the section on the form “Select Nickname” type in your own  eight letter “Nickname” instead of nickname in the code above.


You will then be sent your passwords and information to access your affiliate program commissions area to view your



Code to promote the classform calculas software


Change the nickname with your own chosen clickbank “Nickname”. With this code any visitors that pass through will be sent to our horse racing software page. If a sale is made you will earn $12 its as simple as that.


Use some of our ready made banners below for your visitors to click on. Just make sure they are linked to your code above.


Two banners have been created to support the horse racing software products at our website. Simply copy and paste to your website and enter your own chosen clickbank nickname in the HTML code of the banner Document.





Remember in all promotional material you will need to change the nickname with your own chosen clickbank “Nickname” to receive the commissions from the sales.


                           Commision Payments


All commission payments are released on the 1st and the 16th of every month and sent directly to the address you gave when you signed up with


Commisions are paid in dollars, if you run a website outside the USA your bank will convert the payment into your own currency and pay the money into your account.


                      Sales Invoice Confirmation


A confirmation of a sale, is emailed to you upon every sale at the point of sale.


                                     Help / Advice

Further help and advice is available at or from our representative

Jennifer at.


Clive Litchfield  ( Manager )

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